SMART™ Performance API

ML/AI, Predictive Caching, Preemptive Caching, Workflow Engine

Meister Smart
Performance API

Fast. Scalable. Reliable. Integrated.

ML Predictive Caching engine

Meister has its own ML predictive caching engine tuned in for optimal performance using an OLAP fact table as its baseline construction.

ML PreEMPTIVE Caching engine

Proprietary do-ahead processes to expedite object creation using its own ML and preemptive caching modules.

Meister Workflow Foundation

Meister Workflow Foundation (MWF) houses the scaffolding for all SAP workflows with near-zero impact on existing workflows.

Machine Learning

Meister’s ML modules implement several different algorithms for optimal neural network analysis and training sets.

WHY Meister Smart™ Performance API?


Integrated performance with SAP

With our API, custom apps become native to SAP and act like a module that fully integrates with SAP business processes.

Superior Positioning at SAP cliental

Fast implementation + superior performance + user centric transformation = meaningful cost savings and real-time BI.

Customer Loyalty due to UX and performance

The Meister engine works seamlessly behind the scenes while your clients experience your custom app and user-interface.

Expends Your Offering with easier integration
  • Comprehensive integration into SAP means no compromises by your development team.
  • Experience native and full integration into SAP.


Do-Ahead Processing
In-Memory Data Aggregations

As part of the ML Predictive Cache, Meister aggregates in real-time and in-memory items needed for the fact table to expand its contents.

Internal-External WF Integration

Meister Workflow Foundation houses the scaffolding for all SAP workflows with near-zero impact on existing workflows.


 Test Meister Predictive and Preemptive caching engines and their potential to revolutionize your application performance with SAP

 Test new modules and utilities of application that where not integrated before with SAP because of impossible performance issues

 Check new options to integrate smoothly workflows at your application with workflows at SAP to create enterprise multi-platform workflow.


 Meister Smart™ Business Apps operates as a pass-through engine and does not interfere with any security layer in the SAP ecosystem. Authentication is done by known methods and passes directly to the SAP Gateway 2.0. Authorization is controlled solely by the SAP backend via user profiles and roles. Meister Smart™ Business Apps do not retain any data and once a call has been processed no session or user data remains. Meister Smart™ Business Apps’ optimization engine addresses SAP indirect access.


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