Purchase-to-Pay Automation

Meister took what was a challenging problem in SAP, one our client Hess Oil and their developers had struggled with for years, and created a solution that exceeded their expectations.


Our client was using SAP for purchase to pay but it took a minimum of 12 screens of data to process payment approval per single invoice line item. With 15K invoices coming in per day they spent ~250 hours a day just to process invoices!

They needed 25 people working full time on the invoice approval process alone at an average cost of $50K/y per person. This backlog often led to late payments to vendors costing the client $1.2M in late fees a year.


First, we optimized system performance for fast visibility of budgets and invoices by infusing new innovative technologies into SAP. Then, we enhanced business intelligence and reporting so that information is available at the right time for all business stakeholders. Finally, we delivered a clear and concise user interface that allows reviewers to easily approve, reject, and/or forward documents.

Shortened implementation timelines by 2/3

Shortened payment processing time by 90%

Reduced back office headcount a year $1.25M

Eliminated consulting costs ~$1.2M a year

Eliminated training costs for back-office personnel

Quicker processing of invoices and reduced human error – Annual savings on late fees $1.2M

All necessary information on one screen.
All data points uploaded in a single call.

Single-click workflow actions.